The first step to having a fantastic 2014 #business #mlm

Want things to get better?

Yesterday I gave a motivational talk up in Scotland – the first thing I did when I left the meeting was to review my performance before I left the car park!

what I felt had worked well

what I felt that didn’t

what I felt i needed to change moving forward …

Others told me I was great and it was lovely to hear …HOWEVER to go from good to GREAT we have to be honest with ourselves …. it’s all about the VALUE we bring to the market – our team – the business – the industry

i know their are 9 people in Kleeneze which is my mlm company who earn more than me ! so whilst being in the top ten earners at this time I know I can still grow …and advance further up that list!

In speaking terms I know people can get command £10k for an hours talk ….I also know this …. I’m miles down this ranked list! but climbing 🙂

The only way we get to improve our pay scale in whatever we do is to create more value … I.e GET BETTER – be MORE VALUABLE to your Market in Kleeneze – any business – life … so how can you get better – give better …

So taking Stock is Critical – What worked what didn’t – what needs to change …in this fast approaching Nee Year…

be brave look at your performance … don’t be sad or beat yourself up at any previous results ! So “Don’t stumble over something behind you” just get excited about change as this is the only thing that stands between you and your imagined future …

so the change is exciting because its what makes the material difference 🙂 time to take stock – 2014 is going to be your year right? Have a great day …. remember success is all about choice not chance ….


About Pete Rea

MLM Mentor and Entrepreneur - Motivational Speaker– Author– Loving husband–Father to 5 wonderful sons. Passionate about LIFE & ENTERPRISE.. Success Leaves Clues! IMPORTANT: All info will be generic and none company specific. Integrity & Trust are at the forefront of this blog. Biography: Married to the Girl of my dreams - Claire. I have 5 wonderful sons. I got involved in Network Marketing back in the year 2000. I now enjoy the residual benefits of owning a Multi Million-Pound Business providing my family with complete time and financial freedom! absolutely priceless! I've very naturally stepped into Motivational Speaking, again this is something else that i'm extremely passionate about. I love what I do, and do what I love, how can this be work? I've also written and published my first book ONE LIFE ONE SHOT! Inspiration and information to get more out of life! Money – Success – Happiness. It's been endorsed by Richard McCann – Times No 1 bestselling Author who said “One Life One shot deserves to sit alongside the great personal development books there are in the world" That’s quite an endorsement! Something I'm very proud of, a major goal realized. I've also been featured in many newspapers and magazines over the years and have been described by many as an INSPIRATION! not my words but those of others, I'm humbled and so happy that what I do continues to make a difference which makes it all worthwhile. I'm just an everyday normal working class guy who left school without any qualifications, I set up my own business aged 18 and by the time I was in my twenties I was a Millionaire. Living in my dream home set in an acre of land, driving around in my red Porsche 911. Speedboats, Motocross bikes, international jet setting was the norm, I was living the dream! For many years I lived a privileged lifestyle, then markets changed, I became complacent, I made some bad decisions - lost some major clients and eventually the business ceased to trade and I declared myself bankrupt, aged 35. For 2 years I stepped back into the world of employment which I struggled with every day. In December 1999 I was made redundant and claiming unemployment benefit, slipping deeper into debt and facing eviction from my council house because of rent arrears. I was taken to court for £28 because I couldn't afford to pay the telephone bill. These were difficult times, I was even buying my children’s Christmas presents from car boot sales I was that skint. In complete desperation to change our circumstances I borrowed £150 from a close friend to join him in a Network Marketing opportunity. I became a committed student to the industry. Applying my incredible work ethic to the opportunity I have now become one of the Companies Top 15 Premier distributors. I have qualified for over 15 International Free Holidays, been awarded with the top two trophies for team growth and I've been presented with a 3 Series BMW, not on loan but to keep. I've also received the companies’ highest discretionary award for: • Great Leadership • Inspiration to the Network • Outstanding Attitude • Belief in the opportunity • Success in the business • Sale-ability and Showmanship I know what it’s like to have no food in the cupboard, no money in my pocket, feeling like a failure, thinking success and happiness must be for other people? One of my favorite sayings is that “Success leaves clues" and I take every opportunity when working with people to share them, whilst helping people to believe in better by believing in themselves. I'm passionate about helping people to realize their true potential, it's inside us all we just have to bring it out. I also work with the Peter Jones Academy helping to inspire and educate the up and coming young entrepreneurs of the future. Thanks for taking the time to read this Bio, and I hope you find the information I share of great benefit. Wishing you all the success you're prepared to work for. Pete ;-)

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