Birth Control principle results in amazing success TRY IT! #mlm #direct sales

Birth Control – Well Contraception of the mind !! be more precise! so dont worry this is not a message about Sex Education!! I want to talk about Cause and Effect, the MOST powerful law that effects our daily lives…

Think about this, Contraception is used to avoid the undesired effect of a much desired cause! But it shouldn’t just stop with the body…
Contraception should be used for the mind! because in Life and in business the mind should also be protected from undesired effects! think about this….a seed is a seed. Once planted in an environment conducive to it’s growth it grows, and the same natural laws apply to psychological seeds as they do physical ones, you can see where this is going now right!

So just how protective and careful are you in terms of what enters your mind? most people get engulfed everyday in a sea of negativity readily distributed via the TV, Radio, Newspapers etc…. not to mention in many cases the people! and often our very own family and friends who are part of our everyday lives, flippen heck they can drag us down!! to the inexperienced it would appear we live in a world full of doom and gloom! clearly this is not my experience… it’s an exciting world filled with opportunity.

Now, lets assume you want more out of life , you want to build a successful business but most of your time and that of your team are surrounded by this sea of ” negative influences” what kind of effect do you think this will have upon you and your business? I can tell you, it wont be conducive to a happy buzzing productive and exciting environment to GROW! NO WAY

It’s really very PREDICTABLE it’s one of my 5 P’s ( Predictable outcomes) this is simply Cause and effect. What goes in must come out! Negativity in Negativity out! This is why i can always tell if my team members are in the Learning Zone or not!

Very few people really understand the importance of protecting the most powerful, creative asset you have – your mind.

We now know that smoking causes fatal disease. What goes in must come out. We know the software on your computer determines how effective it is in meeting your needs. What goes in must come out.

Our head is litterally a computer and what we put in is simply the software, if it doesnt have the right software i’m sorry but its unable to complete the task! so what about the task of SUCCESS? are you able to perform this function with your current installed software??

This is WHY for YOU to be successful YOU MUST be in the environment conducive for YOU to grow…

reading educational books about HOW to achieve Success….
Listening to successful people
Attending events, physical ones, webinars, get around the right people, those who light up a room when they walk in not when they walk out! keeping regular comms with mentors etc…. and yet people say ” why do I need to read books why do I need to attend an event? how will this help me? people dont know what they dont know I guess, thats why YOU have to LEARN how to PROMOTE getting your people into the right environments…but it starts with you!! your ability to then teach this on is KEY critical to your success

Their really is no secrets to success just process’s and FEEDING your mind and being in the right environments are key critical…

you will reap what your sew … cause and effect! their is NO ESCAPE! so are you using adequate Contraceptives for your mind?? what about your team?

Have a great day… Pete

How to change your circumstances in an instant! #mlm #direct sales

Some things you just have to hear for yourself !

Take a few minutes and check this audio out .. It’s me sharing some very powerful information .. you REALLY need to hear this if you want to know how to change your circumstances in an INSTANT

unsatisfied ? GREAT! you’re ready for it!

I hope you’re unsatisfied !! eh????

You see in reality If you’re unsatisfied this is – Great news !!! Because this means you’re ready for change – Change is the bridge we must all cross to take us from where we are to where we want to be! during this change we strive for improvement we consciously participate in achieving more…

So when a healthy dissatisfaction disappears from your life in reality you’ve gotten too comfortable and you’re in more trouble that you know!! ( Not to be confused with contentment) Life continues to evolve, the marketplace we live and operate in moves on….and when you don’t you fall behind you settle your start to give up on your aspirations and as the saying goes … Your dreams end up staying as dreams!

Think about this: Dissatisfaction has driven humanity from the cave to the world wide web, and it’s the fuel that drives you to your entrepreneurial goals. ! So are you dissatisfied ? what are you going to do about it? we only have one life one shot make the most of it! Get hold of a FREE chapter all about making better choices from my book

Have a great day – please share if you have enjoyed and gotten some value. Pete.

What paint has to do with your success! #success #mlm

People don’t buy paint; they buy beautiful walls!

When people join our opportunity they often say they ” I joined to make more money .. This is not strictly so, as the money is to be used for something to perhaps alleviate a problem – pay a liability – buy a new car – go on holiday- put the kids through private school – so it’s a solution they’re after!

With this in mind we should be ” selling” the result not the process… Hey the process is important it reassures, it provides confidence , but it’s not going to get people truly excited!

Here’s something to put the cat among the pigeons ! Now You might not see yourself as a Sales Person?? But selling is not just about selling a product or a service as in the typical perception of sales! selling is very often getting across an idea, a strategy a system , a recommendation , something as simple as getting someone to read a book or listen to an audio that’s an important step in their development , it could be to be able to have great team turnouts at your company event?

here’s the message; if you want people to listen to you and act upon your advice … You’re still SELLING wether you like the idea or not!

The first step to having a fantastic 2014 #business #mlm

Want things to get better?

Yesterday I gave a motivational talk up in Scotland – the first thing I did when I left the meeting was to review my performance before I left the car park!

what I felt had worked well

what I felt that didn’t

what I felt i needed to change moving forward …

Others told me I was great and it was lovely to hear …HOWEVER to go from good to GREAT we have to be honest with ourselves …. it’s all about the VALUE we bring to the market – our team – the business – the industry

i know their are 9 people in Kleeneze which is my mlm company who earn more than me ! so whilst being in the top ten earners at this time I know I can still grow …and advance further up that list!

In speaking terms I know people can get command £10k for an hours talk ….I also know this …. I’m miles down this ranked list! but climbing :-)

The only way we get to improve our pay scale in whatever we do is to create more value … I.e GET BETTER – be MORE VALUABLE to your Market in Kleeneze – any business – life … so how can you get better – give better …

So taking Stock is Critical – What worked what didn’t – what needs to change …in this fast approaching Nee Year…

be brave look at your performance … don’t be sad or beat yourself up at any previous results ! So “Don’t stumble over something behind you” just get excited about change as this is the only thing that stands between you and your imagined future …

so the change is exciting because its what makes the material difference :-) time to take stock – 2014 is going to be your year right? Have a great day …. remember success is all about choice not chance ….

Don’t read this! the truth about delusional! Wake up man!! #success #mlm

Here’s what I know to be true….

most people I meet are nice people .. and behind closed doors they are sinking .. living in quiet desperation in a very mediocre life – worried sick really on how they will ever be able to get out of debt … make progress .. enjoy like as supposed to endure it!

You see most people make just about enough money to get into debt but they most certainly DO NOT make enough money to be able to get out of it! especially when you give debt a head start!

I meet Many people within my work .. and industry and it saddens me to hear them talk about the success they want to achieve…. Despite the right mess they are in financially when I see in reality how they go about the pursuit of their ideal….reducing debt and getting their business to grow… now, I’m not taking about the tiny percentage that MAKE things happen I’m talking about the masses who are sadly Delusional… and it is sad!

I believe in honesty .. If you we’re to ask any successful person what is required to be successful ? They would tell you … !

It’s definitely nothing that you couldn’t do moreover more likely that you wouldn’t be prepared to do…. it’s not easy.. just worth it…

I believe in what Tom Barratt says… and I’ve borrowed it for years..

.. ” I can either protect your ego or protect your business (your future ) but I can’t do both !” You see It’s not what you want to hear sometimes thats important but what you need to hear!

Best advice…. Pause – ask your mentor to protect your business and to hell with your ego ! and ask what it is you NEED to hear right now?

Here’s to your success…. Please share …. Because caring is sharing.

Pete Rea

Me and my remote controlled car! a life lesson worth listening to!

Me and my remote controlled car! Awe man am buzzing!!

This car can go soooo fast… I thought I bought it for our Brad years ago and Claire reminded me I bought it for myself! – it’s been lost in a dark corner in our garage for years – it’s gotten a bit damaged and the I had to hunt all over to find the special charger for this type of battery! wehey I found it the most unlikely place! how did it end up their?

I cleaned it down , stuck the battery on charge … It’s taking some charging it was 6 years flat!!

Today it’s coming out to play !

This car was made to race along .. Not sit on a shelf! It was designed to create fun break records be loved and appreciated create happy memories … Live up to its purpose and potential … yet it’s been day in a dark corner of my garage doing nine if the above !!

Interesting …. little analogy – how many of us can relate to this in our life and our business ? I.e

Finding ourselves in a different place to where we expected to be! (In life)

We’ve gotten a bit damaged ( self doubt – lacking in belief and confidence… over the years ..

a bit flat !! ( takes a bit to get you going again! Been here before! the motivation isn’t easy to get stoked these days!!

Not fulfilling your true potential – you know I’ve excelled before and now your settling for the easy life – ie not challenging yourself anymore not pushing yourself to succeed no longer burning up the tarmack !!

You’ve almost Forgotten how great it feels to be on purpose – living and performing like a winner having fun and getting excited about laying down new happy memories!

My best advice …. Dust yourself down – charge yourself up and start doing what you were born to do… start fulfilling that awesome potential you have inside … it’s time!

Theirs lessons everywhere … even in picking up my old remote controlled car!!have a great day please share.. Pete Rea.


Are you in this 54% if so you need this ASAP #mlm #direct sales

I don’t normally read the daily horoscopes but I was flicking through the paper and it caught my eye! It said ….

” stop and clear your mind and remember what your original plan was! I can see you have lost track of where you want to be! ”

this got me thinking !!!

I know that 54% of people quit on a goal or project within 6 months ! and saying as most people set their Goals and aspirations in January theirs a very good chance this horoscope reading is actually correct for many people!

I’m not going to go into all the reasons why this might be you ? but I am going to ask you if this is acceptable to you ? another year of not getting what you want?

Life gets in the way and sh*t happens ! Infact it’s normal …. but maybe this gentle reminder may be timely! Did you realise you were losing your way? and allowing stuff to steer you off track?

we all know we cant reach our destination overnight but what WE CAN do is change our Direction!! Maybe it’s time to readjust ?

If so … press Pause?

what’s that saying again ” if you’re sick of keep starting over stop keep stopping !! what about those who are on track? People with similar goals ? How’s that make you feel ? if its making you feel a bit peeeeed off! It’s NOT healthy! Stop it now!! Its showing you what’s possible when you’re firing on all cylinders … So Let it help you to get better not bitter…

Take some positive Action – take some time to look at what you wanted to achieve and do you still want to ? better late than not :-)

Get back on track – focus on all that you CAN do and not what you cant!

get excited about it again .. how are you going to feel when it’s achieved? You’re worth it right?

Get back to basics – concentrate on the actions that are going to get you their ..Re-create your plan and just get busy … No one said it would be easy … Just worth it!

Please though – Stop letting little bitty sh*ty things pull you down !

throw yourself into the work… the real motivation comes from the doing the being in action … the sweat the clarity on purpose …

and if its a BIG thing pulling you down well… Don’t flippen let it … tough times don’t last tough people do! just get around positive influences And mentally Change the record if needs be! if you are feeling bad its because you’re thinking bad thoughts !

Something I do and it works – wear an elastic band around your wrist and everytime you find yourself thinking stinking…. twang it! it sharp jolts you out of your thinking and you’ll have a chuckle .. as you recognise you’re doing it again !!! hey its a start ! thoughts + feeling = the actions we take .. Do good get good …

We all need a kick from time to time maybe this is yours ? You dont have to give up on your dream your goals just because you have wondered of track – All I know is this … you are all capable of the most incredible achievements if you will only CHALLENGE mediocrity ! POKE procrastination in the eye and start BELIEVING in better and start acting like it were impossible to fail because it is ! You’re AWESOME …. so just do what ever it takes ! c, mon … I’m off track too… You’re not alone …

It’s not how you start that’s important it’s how you finish .. Have a great day … Pete Rea

Ps if you know anyone who may benefit from this message please share. .. Thank you.

The 3 stages to helping your #mlm team to success

Remember initial Enthusiasm for a new venture in MLM can quickly fade! it’s understandable really as new people look at the freedom – the incomes – the lifestyle successful people are earning – they hear that it’s a simple business and think WOW! I want that … and why wouldn’t they ! I did !!

Then after a few weeks it dawns on them ! this is a not a 100 metre sprint to the promised land!!

So Before the initial ENTHUSIASM runs dry! YOU must do the following

Get them on the scoreboard! even a small amount of Personal success is so important for their belief levels they need to see some progress – it’s also an opportunity to celebrate with them as you recognise publicly their progress, a very important step and This process enables the enthusiasm stage to be extendedddddddddd which in turn keeps their mind open and willingness to take the NEXT step…

Then ( at the sane time really) you have to quickly get them into an environment that will allow them to SEE that bit further it will strengthen their belief in whats possible! The events – webinars – stepping into personal development audios books etc.. it helps get them in touch with dreams and aspirations and understanding the processes for success, this education and experience will move them into a stage known as COMMITMENT it’s when they really start believing .. if others can WHY not me! this is an essential stage for people to enter into , its virtually impossible for people to enter into this without BEING upgraded in this way…. the scary thing is if they don’t move into this stage the enthusiasm will expire! and they will be likely to quit! or at very best settle for very little!

So enthusiasm is a great place to start to the race but quickly dissipates when logic – reality confirms success is not a 100 meter sprint to the promised land and thst it’s a Marathon!

Their is another stage that tgey MUST move into if success is to be guaranteed! because during the commitment stage often their ambition outstrips their ability so inevitably they get very frustrated with sometimes slower growth than they would have liked or expected!’ and this is when they NEED to enter into the CONVICTION stage! This stage happens when they commit to keep learning recognising as they get better so will their results’s a stage where you have unshakable belief in the knowledge that if you keep on keeping on keep learning you absolutely know you will get there and you know that nothing will stop you from achieving the continued success you desire.

So Excitement – Commitment – Conviction … What stage are you at? What do you need to do next?

For more info on this read Dare to Dream and Work to Win by Tom Barrett

Please like and share, leave a comment . Have a great day. Pete

Don’t chase the money in #mlm it will slow you down, you need to chase this instead ..

It’s ALL about the ” SERVICE TO OTHERS” when you get this right you get it ALL right….

Zig said it best ” help enough people get what they want and you will get everything you want!

I talk about the 3 P’s

Passion – Purpose – Persistence well today I just want to make reference to the 2nd P – PURPOSE

This is NOT your ” personal purpose your passion your reason why, It’s your business objective BEYOND making money! let me explain …

If I was to ask a Doctor of cardiology what do you do? The reply would be ” I save lives

A Teacher – educates
A midwife – brings new life into the world
A Fireman – rescues people etc…

You see all these people make money but their focus is their PURPOSE the ultimate benefit of their business to the end user so to speak …

So in my MLM business moving the product for me is to ” Deliver the Finest ” home shopping experience” in my community – reducing people’s need to commute reducing their travelling expenses and offering a traditional old fashioned buying experience which appears to be in demise these days!

Also in terms of me growing my network I’m not in the recruiting business I’m in the business of helping people to change their lives ! So I’m VERY clear on my PURPOSE ( beyond the fundamental reason of making money – it’s my business objective)

So when you’re clear on this …YOU go to work on creating that EXTRA value and that’s where the real wealth OPPORTUNITY lies because during this process you’re GROWING into your very best YOU you’re becoming Conscious – Creative – Competitive ( 3 x C’s) resulting in EXPANSION!! :-)

So DONT chase the money chase the SERVICE it’s all about your quest to create VALUE – so the more value you create for your customers – prospects – Team the more successful and wealthy you will become and this will be far greater than you could ever hope to achieve than by chasing the money!

make it happen :-)


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